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Sometimes I feel like my art just isn't improving. (This isn't a rant, for once!  Read on and rejoice!)

I started taking drawing/art seriously when I was around 16, when I got my first tablet. Before then, all I'd done were pencil sketches. So, at 16 I first got a tablet and experimented with digital art. That lasted....about a year, I think, maybe two at most. After I got the tablet, my interest in drawing waned, and I put more focus on graphic art, which required much less drawing and coloring.

This was one of the first drawings I did on a tablet. Oh, the shame.


Then, at around 18, I stopped drawing as much. Eventually, I stopped drawing altogether.

This was one I did shortly before I stopped drawing/coloring.

(Someone online said he looked like a transvestite, wtf?)

After this, I don't remember drawing much aside from some doodles, and my tablet just sat there, collecting dust. I don't remember coloring much during this time, except like...ONE final fantasy fanart. So I didn't draw/color much at all for about 2-3 years.

When I was 20, I discovered Bleach! It got me inspired to start drawing and coloring again, even if I was behind.

When I first finished it, I was really proud of this one.


And this one:

This is one of my most recent ones, 6 years after I got a tablet, but only about 1 year since I've began drawing/coloring more regularly:


So, I guess this post is mostly for myself...I see all this amazing art on sites like here and DA and I often get down on myself, because a lot of those artists have improved in more ways than I have in half the time. Like in this example. It only took this girl 9 years to go from simple pencil drawings to full-on digital masterpieces. I think that if I hadn't taken a break from drawing/coloring, I would be better than I am now...but I can definitely see my improvement, even if I'm not improving QUITE as much as I'd like.

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