Aug. 8th, 2012


Aug. 8th, 2012 01:32 pm
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My fanfiction Who By Fire almost has 100 reviews! I've never had that many before. Right now it has 93, so I only need seven more. I'm hoping to have 100 before I put up the next chapter, but if not, 100 by chapter 14 would be good too. I realize 100 reviews for 14 chapters isn't that much compared to some other fics I've seen, but all the reviews are really nice and thoughtful, instead of stupid one liners like "update soon plz!" I think I've only had one or two of those, which is really impressive to me since, well, it's

I don't think I've ever put so much effort into a single fic before. Seriously, I advertize it almost everywhere I go, I even drew a fan comic for it to try and boost readership, (which doesn't seem to have worked...) and this is the first fic I've ever wanted a beta for. So it would just be nice to see some of that effort get some more attention, I guess.

I'm trying my damndest to get more readers/reviews on I have links to my page at almost every site I'm on. Even though is such a large site, getting more readership is still a challenge, especially considering the pairings I write. I don't write yaoi and I don't write "popular" het pairs either, so it seems I have to try three times as hard for half the recognition. Still, the recognition I do get is wonderful, and I'd rather have a few good reviews than tons of pointless one-liners.

Only seven more! EEEEE.



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