Aug. 9th, 2012

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Aug. 9th, 2012 12:47 pm
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I really should update my ongoing fic more than once a month.

With oneshots, I never felt pressued to update regularly, because there was no big chance of losing readership. I had nothing to update, for one, no story to continue, and thus no worry that people would lose interest.

It's not so with multi-chapter fics, something I'd forgotten. I have written a few multi-chapter fics before, but that was years ago.

As is, I've only been updating it once a month, when my goal has always been to update twice a month. It would still give me a short break in between chapters, but frequently enough so I don't lose readership. I think that's one reason I'm not getting as much feedback as I'd like. Who knows, maybe it isn't, but it still wouldn't hurt for me to update more than once a month.

With Uni starting, it'll be slightly harder, but I'm only taking 12 credit hours, AND I get 3 days off. I only go to classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Another thing I've been worried about is the chapter length. I try to keep it no less than 3,000 words per chapter. It's enough for me to tell the story, but not so long that I dread writing it. I've never been good with writing super long chapters. Whenever I click on a fic with super long chapters, say, 20,000-30,000 words per chapter, I go "eek!" and click away. So I'm hoping that, by keeping my chapters between 3,000-5,000 words, that won't happen. The finale chapters will probably be the longest, though.

Meh. Nothing going on for me. I can't wait for classes to start.
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Title: Lucid dreaming
Characters: Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Zelda
Rating: NC-17
: He smiles a wicked, devilish smile.
A/N: This takes place in the universe of my other fanfiction, Who By Fire, so I would suggest reading it before this. However, this can be read alone.

Warning: Depicts violent sex.

I am the dream that waking does not end )


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