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Title: The things he takes
Characters: Ghirahim, Zelda
Rating: T
Summary: He takes and takes and takes and never gives.
Note: Companion piece to "Who By Fire."

he has everything of her and she has nothing of him )


Sep. 22nd, 2012 10:24 pm
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Someone on DA  drew a picture for my fic Who By Fire!

No one has ever drawn fanart for my fics before! That was really nice of them.
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My writing muse is absolutely dead.

All I do is read and write, every day after school, every weekend, read and write, read and write. I've mostly been writing essays and reading textbook chapters. Because of this, my inspiration to write fic is absolutely gone. I hate it, it's driving me nuts! I haven't had the inspiration to write a single line of fic since Uni started. Other than the latest chapter of Who By Fire (which was actually about 80% written before Uni started in the first place) I haven't written a single thing. It's almost like....having fanfic constipation, haha, which is the most accurate term I can think of. The urge to write fic is just piling up with nowhere to go. I can't even write a 100-word drabble.

This sucks.

On tumblr

Sep. 21st, 2012 08:18 am
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I'm probably going to discontinue my fanart tumblr, and my ask tumblr. My fanart tumblr hardly seems worth it, I get next to zero notes while someone's 30 minute doodle of the same character gets hundreds, and it's not encouraging to me. I have about 30 followers on that one.  I get more favs on DA than likes/reblogs on tumblr. As for the ask blog, the pairing I'm doing it for is really unpopular, so I don't get many asks, and my submissions, again, get hardly any notes. I only have 6 followers on that one. Besides, I don't even browse any tags, and I'm only following one person. Overall, I'm much more content posting my stuff to ff.net, here, and DA. Tumblr really isn't doing anything for me.
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Another one, just because.

Do you read or write fanfiction?

I mostly write it. I used to read more, but now my interest in fandom is close to 0%. Right now, I'll read maybe one or two fics a year.

When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction?

Reading: 10 or so. Writing: Since I was 8-9.

What was your first fandom?
Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

First ship?

Link/Zelda from Oot.

What website do you use most?

I think I use LJ and ff.net equally.

What do you think of Fanfiction.net?

It's good for posting fic and getting more feedback. It's not so great for quality fic, but I don't read much fic anyway. ff.net isn't so great for quality reviews, but the quality reviews you DO get seem much more special because of that.

What fandoms have you written in?

Zelda (lots of games) Harry Potter, Tenchi Muyo, Phantom of the Opera, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Black Butler, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. I think that's it.


Zelda series: Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Fi, Ghirahim/Zelda.
Bleach: Byakuya/Yoruichi, Byakuya/Hisana, Gin/Rangiku, Ishida/Orihime, Ichigo/Rukia, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Urahara/Soifon, Mayuri/Retsu
ATLA: Zuko/Katara
Korra: Amon/Korra (implied, anyway)
Black Butler: Sebastian/Beast
Rurouni Kenshin: Soujiro/Misao, Kenshin/Kaoru
Harry Potter: None.
Phantom of the Opera (sooo long ago): Erik/Meg
FF CC: I don't even remember, I do remember writing for it, though.

Any fandoms you would like to write in?

Currently, not really. I hate fandom. Any fandom. I avoid fandoms as much as I can.

Do reviews affect how you write in any way?

Sometimes. If I get an influx of really nice, thought-out reviews, I feel I have to deliver that same quality again and again, or the readers won't be satisfied. Overall, though, I'd say no. If it's a flame/dumb criticism, my general attitude is "IDGAF."

Do you use a beta?

For my fic Who By Fire.

What ratings do you read/write?

I'll read and write anything NC-17 and below.

What warnings have you used on your fiction?

Sex warning, masturbation warning, a spoiler warning here or there...I think that's it.

Do you have any squicks?

Noncon, dubcon, torture, rape, incest (I'm looking at you, ByaRuki), shota/loli...to name a few.

Do you Role-play online? If so, what?


Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?

I think when I was like, 13 I plagiarized someone's work on ff.net and again on aff.net.

Favorite fandom to write/read?

Write: Right now, Zelda. Bleach is up there too. Black Butler was fun. I don't read much, though.

Favorite pairing?

Right now, it's Ghirahim/Zelda.

Favorite writer/writers?

Just take a look at all my other memes, they're all the same people <3

How long should a chapter be?

Since I'm only writing one multi-chap fic right now, I try to get at least 3,000 words minimum for each chapter. For READING chapters, I like chapters around 3,000-6,000 words. Anything above that feels like a chore.

Do you write/read drabbles?

I write them, mostly. Lots and lots of drabbles and oneshots. They're my specialty.

Any fandoms you avoid?

I avoid even the fandoms I'm IN, but I avoid the Black Butler and Zelda: Skyward Sword fandoms the most. As for fandoms I'm not in, I'm kinda sick of Supernatural, The Avengers, Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones. Those are about all I ever see anymore, especially on places like Tumblr. Pages and pages and pages of those ones.

Pairings you avoid?

It depends on the series, but here are a few: Ghirahim/Link, Ghirahim/Demise/Link, Ganondorf/Link, Dark Link/Link, Link/Sheik (though I'm a liiiittle partial to Link/Sheik if the fic is good) Link/Saria. For Bleach, basically all yaoi and Byakuya/anyone but Yoruichi or Hisana, or Yoruichi/anyone but Byakuya. Basically: Unless it's canon, I avoid all yaoi/slash pairings and all het pairings that break my OTPs.

Warnings you avoid?

Rape, noncon, dubcon...basically, I avoid warnings involving my squicks.

Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?

Absolutely not. I've seen amazing fic on ff.net get zero to very few reviews, while shitty fics are getting hundreds and hundreds. However, I think a few long, quality, or nice reviews are much better than tons of pointless one-liners like "update soon plz!" and such. I'm more likely to read a fic if it has more of the former reviews than the latter.

What do you think of Mary Sues?

I just avoid them, unless they're so bad they're funny.

Have you ever flamed someone?

Yes, but I hesitate to call it a flame. It was a harsh crit of a story I found, once, where someone made a character bulimic and had obviously done 0 research on what bulimia actually is.

Have you ever been flamed?

Yes. I think the first one I got was (deservedly) for that fic I plagiarized when I was 13. Other than that, I can't think of any outright FLAMES I've gotten. I've gotten tons of stupid criticism and pointless one-liners, or had readersr who felt entitled to how they think I should write, but never really FLAMES.

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1. I've changed my layout! I might edit one or two things.
2. Updated my fanfic index and [livejournal.com profile] writinwaters

(pay attention to these next two)


All entries, excluding fanfic, from this point on, will be put under a spoiler tag instead of an LJ cut. That way, I figure it would be easier for people browsing to read, click, and move on. If they need to comment, they can just click the comment box, instead of going through a link to do so. I'm keeping fics under an LJ tag so you won't miss the comment box =P

4. I might start a fanfic twitter, however: Would anyone even be interested in it? What benefits would it have? I don't think people will be interested in it...but if it gets me even one or two more reviews, I'll do it. Anything for those reviews, and all.

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As if I don't have enough of these already, right?

1. How did you get interested in fanfiction? 

When I was about nine, I discovered the internet. I went searching for some Zelda fansites, and on such fansites were fanfictions. Zelda introduced me to so many things: The internet, fandom, fanart, fanfic, etc. If it weren't for Zelda, I don't think I'd have ever started drawing or writing.

2. What was your first fandom? Your first OTP?

My first fandom was Zelda, and my first OTP was (still is) Link/Zelda from Ocarina of Time.

3. Do you review all the fanfics you read, most, or do you prefer to read and move on? If you write, what’s the best review you’ve ever gotten? The worst?

For reviewing: I hardly ever review the fics I read, though I'm trying to change it. For best review: I really can't narrow it down. I've gotten some very lovely reviews. The best reviews I've gotten so far, though, have been for my fic "Who By Fire." The worst  was "oro?" a few years ago. I'm not joking, that's all the review was.

4. Favorite AU to read? To write?

I guess it would be the "what if" AU's, where someone writes how the series might be if the bad guy won. Same with AU's to write.

5. What’s your favorite genre to read? To write?

Angst, romance, and drama, for both questions.

6. What are your biggest fanfiction pet peeves?

How do I even start:

-Epithets. "The small girl" or "the tall boy" etc. I rarely, if ever, use it in my own writing. I get that using gender pronouns/names can get boring, but I would rather read those than tons of epithets. They truly don't do anything for a story. Some authors use them well, most don't.

-OOC. Obvious one. But if someone writes a character so obviously OOC it blows my mind, I will forever avoid fics by that person. I don't mind a LITTLE OOC, but just a tiny bit. By "little" I mean "99.99% of everything your character does better be OC or at least explainable. No exceptions."

-Character bashing/pairing bashing just to get X character with Y character. I see this in both the het and yaoi/slash community, and it bugs the shit out of me. Especially when someone makes a character OOC just to make them seem like a bitch/bastard so their favorite character/ship "looks better." Or when people kill off X character so Y ship can happen.

-Badly written all-around. I'm talking the big four: Bad grammar, punctuation, syntax and characterization. However, this is certainly not a unique pet peeve.

-Sexist talk. Especially in Ganondorf-centric fics where he calls the Goddesses "whores" "sluts" "bitches" and such every other sentence. I get that Ganondorf hates the Goddesses - but I think having him call them sexist slurs is extremely distasteful. There are other ways an author can protray his hate for them, or any other male/female character portraying hate for another character.

7. Do you have any crackships?

Just about every ship of mine is crack in some way or another. I think the only ones that aren't crack are ByaHisa and ZeLink.

8. Do you have any ships you don’t like or used to but don’t anymore?

How many times have I answered this? This gets asked a lot. Anyway:

I used to like ByaRen but ended up hating it, thanks to the sheer amount of crappy fics that ship has, or how they're portrayed, even in good fics. Then there's the fact that it's all I ever see when searching for Byakuya fic. Basically, the more I tried to like it/get into it, the more I ended up hating it thanks to fandom.

For the ones I don't like: So many. Right now it's these ones:

GhiraDemiLink (it exists, don't look it up)
Ghirahim/freaking everyone, I'm not joking, people ship him with EVERYONE. (everyone but female characters, might I clarify)
Byakuya/anyone but Hisana or Yoruichi
Crack ships that make absolutely no sense or logic, or seem like someone just went "LOL character A/character B just cause!" Basically, crack ships that are even crackier than what crackships normally are. I'll buy a crackship if you can make it work within the boundaries of canon. Otherwise, forget it.

Further examples of crackships mentioned above:

Ghirahim/Pipit: Ghiahim can't even travel to Skyloft, Pipit has never set eyes on The Surface and likely only did AFTER Ghirahim was defeated. Both characters don't even know the other exists. This makes absolutely no damned sense at all. It's one of those "LOL just cause" pairings.

Byakuya/Nanao: I think Byakuya would respect her for her attitude and for being such a hard worker, but anything beyond that boggles my mind. It's one of those "hmmm sounds nice but couldn't really work" pairings.

Basically, I hate a lot more pairings than I love.

9. Are there any kinks you love to read? Any you avoid?

Oh boy I feel the judgmental eyes on me:

Kinks I love: asphyxiophilia, bondage, dirty talk, hair pulling/grabbing, biting, scratching, toys, orgasm denial...the list goes on. However, aside from asphyxiophillia, most of these kinks are rather "normal."

Kinks I avoid: Shaming, blackmail, noncon, dubcon, torture, bloodplay, incest, minors, pedophilia, shota/lolita, orgies...etc. If a fic even HINTS at these, I’m out of there.

10. Do you prefer to read fanfics in first, second, or third-person POVs? To write?

Third person. I don't mind first person if done well, but I would rather read third person. I always avoid second person. Always. I always write in third person.

11. Do you read exclusively NC-17 fanfics, or will you read any rating?

Anything at or below NC-17. Basically, no R rated stuff.

12. What’s the latest you’ve stayed up reading a fanfic? Writing one?

I have absolutely no idea. Too late. Way too late.

13. Is there a website you’re partial to when you search for fanfiction, or do you more read whatever you can get your hands on? When it comes to writing, is there a website you prefer to use for publishing your fanfics?

I prefer LJ for searching for quality-fics, but I prefer ff.net if I'm looking for fics I couldn't find on LJ, e.g, GhiraZel fics (an extremely rare pairing). However, I rarely, rarely, rarely read fic anymore. For publishing, I like ff.net and LJ equally, though I get a lot more reviews on ff.net.

14. How long have you been “18”?

Since I was like, 10-11. I clearly remember stumbling on my first NC-17 rated fic when I was about 10. I found it again a while ago, and went "hahaha this shit is TAME compared to stuff I read now!"

15. Are there any plot ideas you want to either do or see someone else do?

Oh boy....let me narrow it down to two:

First, an AU in which Ghirahim wins (kills Link, takes over Hyrule, yadda yadda) but PLOTTWIST: Doesn't revive Demise and takes Zelda as his own. This could either go non-sexual or so fucked-up-sexual-it's-not-even-funny. I wouldn't mind either way. In the end, though, Zelda HAS to kill him. HAS TO.

Second, an AU in which Hisana doesn't die.

16. Do you associate certain songs with certain ships or fanfics? If you could make a playlist for your OTP(s), which songs would be on there?

Holy fucknuts, another question where I don't know where to begin. I'll narrow it down to my two favorite ships:


"Princess of China" by Coldplay and Rhianna.
"Love Games" by Lady Gaga
"About Her" by Malcolm McLaren
"Run" by Uh Huh Her
"Dance without you" by Skylar Gray


"Disentigration" by Papercutz
"Dark Walz" by Hayley Westenra
"Seduction" from the Legend soundtrack
"Monster" by Lady Gaga
"Come away to the water" by Maroon 5
"Black vow" from Vocaloid

17. Do you follow any RPs? Do you RP?


18. What’s on your fanfiction rec list?

As I said earlier, I rarely read fic anymore. However, here are some authors I’d rec ATM:

[livejournal.com profile] laerkstrein
[livejournal.com profile] woodwind
[livejournal.com profile] afteriwake

[livejournal.com profile] impa on [livejournal.com profile] reversecho (though she prefers reviews on her ff.net account).
Chaotic Serenity from LJ

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Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written [within the last eighteen months or so and it can be from fanfic.net or here on LJ], and comment or ask with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

(My fanfic index can be found in the tags sidebar).
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Oh wow not even 5 minutes after my last entry, here I am again:

WHO IS THE BLONDE BISHIE QUINCY AND WHY DOES HE LOOK SO MUCH LIKE BYAKUYA? Seriously, just look at him! The eyes, the facial features, the hair! JUST. LIKE. HIM. What, is Kubo trying to appease his Byakuya fans by going "look here's a bishie that looks just like Byakuya, don't skewer me!" or is he trying to like, distract us all with the pretty blonde bishie? IT'S NOT WORKING.

(I love how most of my recent entries about Bleach chapters all start in caps).

Shit Yama-ji, he's so badass he can accidentally destroy his own damn city, now THAT's badass. I mean, it's not like we didn't already know he was badass, but this is a whole new level of badassery. Fucking hell just look at him on page 11! I hope he can back up his threats...but I have a feeling he's going to die :( if not now, then most certainly later. Watch, he's going to kill Bach and later down the line, it'll turn out that Bach isn't the REAL leader, and the Soul King or whomever it is turns out to be the leader of the Qunicies. CURVEBALL.



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I'm bored as hell. Someone mind giving me a meme or something? I'm so bored I'm contemplating changing my layout/going through old entires and deleting them, even. I'm so bored I'm contemplating packing my stuff for the move next week (my mom finally bought a house!) So bored. I don't even want to write or draw or anything, I'm just bored :/ I'm thinking about getting the collector's pack of the Penumbra games...which are scary as FUCK, and after playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent (done by the same people who made Penumbra) I think I've had enough scary for a lifetime. But still. I'm  thinking about it.

Bleach 507

Sep. 13th, 2012 11:59 am
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I'd really like to know who the blonde Quincy is.

Yamaji-'s bankai is awesome. FFFF I'm going to be so sad when he dies. We all know it's going to happen. He looks so awesome on page 18.
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Title: Who By Fire (Ch14 - "Obsession")
Characters: Ghirahim, Zelda, others
Rating: PG
: He wants to strip her bare and skin her alive; he wants to strip her bare and watch her blush.
A/N: This is an AU, exploring the idea of how Skyward Sword would have been if Ghirahim had succeeded in capturing Zelda in the Earth Temple.

Previous chapter.

the fire grows )

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Title: Between Tides
Characters: Tetra, Link (WW universe)
Rating: G
Summary: When he thinks she isn’t looking, Tetra watches him.
Note: Written for 100wordstories prompt was "on the water"

Sea )

Bleach 506

Sep. 5th, 2012 08:06 pm
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When Yama-ji blasted the bastard that (supposedly) killed Byakuya I screamed "HAHAHAHAHA TAKE THAT YOU STUPID ASS!"

We're finally about to see Yama-ji's bankai!

Bleach 505

Aug. 29th, 2012 06:27 pm
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He's probably going to die and it's going to break my heart, but for now I'm rejoicing at his badassery.
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Title: Reecho
Characters: Link, Zelda (Oot)
Rating: G
: They look at one another, across one-thousand years, caught in never ending ellipsis.
Note: Written for Zelda Universe's writing challenge.

we only part to meet again )

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Series: Zelda (Skyward Sword)
Character: Link/Zelda
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

Click the preview for full size.


Bleach 503

Aug. 12th, 2012 11:34 am
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Oh thank goodness:

"It is UNKNOWN if Byakuya, Renji and Rukia are dead."

Thank you Jump ;___; thank you. I'll take "unknown" over "confirmed" any day.

Onto the chapter:

I think I understand why Kubo's been putting the SS in such peril - specifically, Byakuya, Renji and Rukia - is to set Ichigo off. Maybe to reveal a new Hollow transformation, or just to get him to transform into a Hollow form we've seen before (look at his face on page 10). Ichigo won't lose it unless shit is really going down. And since Byakuya, Renji and Rukia are close to him (Rukia and Renji being the closest, obviously) it just makes things worse for him. Poor Ichigo. I really do feel for him, but I think it's necessary....Kubo wouldn't have trapped him otherwise. I guess SS has to fall before something new happens, whether it be the Zero Squad coming in or Ichigo transforming.

I have a bad feeling about Yama and Hisagi though...
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Title: Who By Fire (Ch13 - "Surrender")
Characters: Ghirahim, Zelda
Rating: PG
: Everything seems to become darker, each time they meet.
A/N: This is an AU, exploring the idea of how Skyward Sword would have been if Ghirahim had succeeded in capturing Zelda in the Earth Temple.

Previous chapter.

who by powder )
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Title: Lucid dreaming
Characters: Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Zelda
Rating: NC-17
: He smiles a wicked, devilish smile.
A/N: This takes place in the universe of my other fanfiction, Who By Fire, so I would suggest reading it before this. However, this can be read alone.

Warning: Depicts violent sex.

I am the dream that waking does not end )


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